How to Find a Nursing Pro preceptor

The advent of online education has streamlined the process of how to find a nursing preceptor, but there are still a time and place for traditional college searching. Nursing school deans, or departmental secretaries, can often be hard to locate because they tend to work locally and not travel. Deans often have connections in the local nursing establishment, or at least can suggest someone with whom they have worked in the past. Once you have exhausted these avenues, though, you may need to start checking out registered nurses who are available through the state nursing board. Nursing licensing is a thorough process and involves months of education, testing, graduation, and registration for all within the state you desire.

How to Find a Nursing Pro preceptor

Nursing school deans can be difficult to locate, but the Internet has made it easier for individuals who wish to pursue a nursing career to do so by allowing them to use a variety of search engines to find those within their area. Nursing schools have recently been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Accreditation, which makes them eligible to participate in the CNA schools program. When searching for a nursing school dean, you can check with your local state licensing board for a list of approved institutions.

Some people have to take the first course of their nursing career at a college that does not offer a nursing program, but then later opt to go through an accredited nursing school. You may have to pay more tuition costs in the beginning, but you will have the advantage of a better education and a lucrative job outlook once you complete your degree. You can also learn how to find a nursing preceptor in a traditional manner by contacting your local nursing school or health care facility. Many of these organizations have a professional connection with college deans and may know of someone you can contact. If not, try searching online for deans or department heads in your area, as well as individual colleges that offer programs leading towards becoming a nurse.

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