Animation Studio Singapore

CG Animation Studio is animated studios based in Singapore dedicated to the art of computer graphic animation. Specialize in character design, character movement design, motion capture, digital painting, non-realistic paintings, animation short films, digital comic books and video games. Offering world class technology and state of the art facilities they are considered one of the best Singapore animation studios. They provide all types animation services from simple character animation down to full feature length animation and television program animation. Animation Studio Singapore offering both animation services and animation production house, CGA Multimedia Arts Lab, Film University, and Touchstone are some of their clients. They have produced animated tv series like “The Fairly Odd Parents”, “Zoo City”, “The Venture Bros.” and many more which can be seen online. Resources.

animation studio singapore

Animation Studio Singapore

Animation Studio Singapore has a very large collection of characters such as: Kim Possible, Spiderman, Family Guy, Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants, Cars, Iron Man, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and many more. These characters have been animated to give life to them and are loved by all. Some of these animation characters are so popular that they have spawned their own franchise.


Animation studios in Singapore offer you high end and animated cartoon characters for all cartoon shows and movies. All you need to do is to visit them and sign up for their animation courses. After completing the course you will be provided with an animation artist portfolio which you can use as a resume. This will make your job hunting a lot easier. After all who does not want to work with their favorite animation characters?

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